Introducing Dune II

Dune II was the first true playable version of a real-time strategy game. It was developed by Westwood studios and released by Virgin games. Loosely based on the film Dune by David Lynch, it picked up the “2” from its predecessor: Dune, an adventure game.

You can play as one of the three houses (more if you install a mod to the game): Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. Each are offered the entire planet as a prize to be won through conquest. Naturally, this does not go as planned and as you progress you will receive heavier retaliation and the two other armies along with the custodial Sardaukar in the final mission.

The game is quite well balanced, the AI is reasonable – save for the lack of imagination when it comes to attacking approaches. The game play is improved if you incorporate keyboard shortcuts; otherwise you’ll have excessive mouse traversing just to move your units about.

Read more about the three houses fighting for dominance of the planet Arrakis and special characters and groups that become involved in the battle.

The Houses


Atreides Logo House Atreides has been a prominent power for thousands of years. They have a long tradition of being and just administrators. Their people are loyal, hardworking, and rather peaceful. …

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Ordos Logo The Ordos are represented by a group of wealthy families who banded together for greater security. The Ordos have little conscience and seem to gain strength through their sabotage and terrorism. …

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harkonnen Logo House Harkonnen is the most savage House in the universe. The Harkonnens have a history of using violence and fear to achieve their objectives. Status for the Harkonnens is taken not given. …

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The Planet Arrakis

The Planet Arrakis

This is the planet Arrakis, known by those who know it as “Dune” — a planet is made up entirely of sand and rock. The surface of Arrakis is covered by endless dunes. There is no vegetation, and no terrestrial source of water has been found. Miles of barren deserts hold nothing more than basins, dunes, and occasional rocky outcroppings.

The dangerous sands shift constantly and unpredictably. The surface is nearly uninhabitable; rocky outposts and mountain ranges rising through the dunes provide the only possible building sites on the planet.

The climate is extremely hot and oppressively arid. Windstorms with speeds exceeding 200 km/h rake the planet surface, and generate violent electrical storms. Clouds of noxious gases accumulate in lower areas. Ultraviolet reflections will eventually blind the unprotected eye. Maintenance of vehicles and structures is extremely difficult under these conditions.

Native Inhabitants of Arrakis

Pictured are Fremen soldiers, native inhabitants of the planet Arrakis. Elite fighters, the Fremens’ familiarity with the hostile terrain makes them a difficult adversary. Legends suggest the Fremen are descended from survivors of an ancient interstellar shipwreck. Although reclusive and secretive, the Fremen and quite numerous. The mystery of their survival in these hostile conditions is eloquent tribute to the nurturing effect of Melange.

The Fremen

The Sand Worms of Arrakis

The Sand Worm

The Sand Worm is indigenous to Dune. Attracted by vibrations, they frequent battlefields and often devour numerous combatants. They travel easily beneath the surface of the sand. A possible component of the Melange complex, these hideous creatures have gained a justified reputation for attacking anything that moves on the surface, and will devour either humans or their vehicles when the opportunity arises and are almost impossible to destroy.

Spice Melange

Often called Melange, Spice serves many purposes. It makes interstellar travel possible by allowing Guild Navigators to warp the fabric of space. Spice can also prolong human life. Those who consume Spice regularly can live for hundreds of years.

The widespread use of spice as a component of dermal unguents has also maintained the youthful appearance of millions of consumers. Spice is a rare and valuable commodity. It is used in trade, barter and monetary systems through the universe.

A great tournament has been initiated by the Emperor of Dune. Only one house will prevail, successfully harvesting the Spice Melange and destroying any opposing forces.

Buildings & Units

Strategies & Walkthroughs

A compilations of various general strategies and mission walkthroughs for some of the harder levels. If you have your own suggestions, submissions are welcome and will be added with a credit if added to the collection.


A good selection of downloads can be retrieved from here including the non-playable demo, the full version, supporting add-ons and related games.


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